• Take Me Back To The Big Easy

    by  • June 13, 2013 • Fairview, Vancouver • 2 Comments

    Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar, The Ouisi Bistro, somebody pinch me because I am right back in the French Quarter re-evaluating my purpose in life. I know I’ve claimed this before but The Ousi Bistro truly has the best drink special in Vancouver. 1 Burbon, 1 Scotch, and 1 Beer for $13.75.

    20130613-034208.jpg Sounds pretty good right? Well let me sweeten the deal, the scotch (Aberlour) the bourbon (Maker’s Mark) and the beer Surrey’s finest Russel Pilsner all for $13.75! I recently travelled to New Orleans with the same crew seated at the table.

    20130613-034635.jpg We can all testify that The Ouisi Bistro captures the spirit and the feeling of the Big Easy

    20130613-034812.jpg After we finished our gator bites, I challenged our table to a beer chugging contest, sorry bro had to show you getting beat by a girl even though it was ever so slightly.

    After two rounds of this amazing special, my Dad (Birthday Boy) and Party Guy Roy were all smiles

    20130613-035508.jpg The Ousi Bistro is a must see, and the best thing about it, there special is on Friday and Saturday, c’mon people it’s time for some culture. Head down to The Ouisi Bistro for some southern hospitality and the best drink special in town.

    Cordially Ben the Bartender


    With a writing style reminiscent of the Beat Generation, he's CFO and Co-founder here at VCDS, known to mix a mean Manhattan if you ask him nicely.


    • Wes the Waiter

      Ohhh looks like we might have a ringer!

    • http://www.LA-Story.com Stevie

      looks like someone had a GREAT time!! What a deal on the drinks!