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    It was a fine evening a few weeks ago when myself, Wes the Waiter, along with Ben the Bartender and a few of our long time colleagues, embarked on a much anticipated pub crawl down Pender Street, one of the few areas we had yet to visit.  It was a Tuesday night, or as we here at VanCity Drink Specials like to say, a Tuesday Boozeday, and with around eight stops scheduled, we knew some intense “specials research” lay before us.  We decided to start at The Pint and work our way west, and as it turns out, the Pender Bender is quite the ride.

    The Pint – 455 Abbot Street

    Everyone knows The Pint is one of the best bars downtown.  The place is huge, there are TVs everywhere, and they have great specials every day of the week.  Tonight, we hit up some $15 pitchers of Whistler Whiskey Jack, just one of their twenty-some-odd good beers on tap, as well as one of their impressive appy platters – complete with deep fried pickles and mini-corn dogs – for just $19.  The Pint is always a great spot to hang out and watch the game, but since we had a lot of ground to cover, and since there’s been a serious lack of games to watch lately, we decided to be on our way.  Our next stop was a recent VCDS discovery with great specials and a cool concept…


    President and Co-founder at VCDS, Wes is passionate about the Vancouver scene and committed to "researching" all of the best specials and coolest spots in the city.


    • http://twitter.com/usedyorkcity Used York City

      Deep fried pickles sounds like an AWESOME bar food! Will be on search for these in NYC…!

      • http://twitter.com/WesTheWaiter Wes B.

        Deep fried pickles: it’s what’s for dinner!

    • http://www.facebook.com/stevie.wilson Stevie Wilson

      fried pickles are awesome. I love those.

    • Guest

      Love the Pint

    • http://www.jmcraemusic.com/ JMcRae

      Love the Pint