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    by  • April 30, 2012 • East Van, Grandview • 0 Comments

         It was a rare Saturday night off for me, Wes the Waiter, this weekend when I found myself out in East Van to mark the birthday of one of my long time associates.  So far in the course of my research, I haven’t ventured much east of Commercial Drive, and we here at VanCity Drink Specials are the first to admit that an East Van Pub Crawl is long overdue.  If our night at The Wise Lounge was any indication of what one can expect in this part of town, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us…

         The Wise Hall, on the corner of Adanac and Victoria, is a private hall that hosts all sorts of shows and events, and in the “basement” (so to speak) is The Wise Lounge, a really old-school neighbourhood pub style joint that was our group’s destination.  Technically speaking, The Wise is a “club” which means only members and guests of members are allowed to attend, but it didn’t seem like anyone was enforcing this rule with any zeal (if you know what I mean).  I’m in the process of becoming a member, so if anyone asks, just say you’re a guest of Wes the Waiter……Seriously though, despite the paperwork at the door, I was impressed to find a full slate of weekly specials, including tonight’s dangerously tempting $3.25 shots of Fireball, one of which we all downed in the b-day boy’s honour.

         With our fires burning, we needed something to keep us occupied, so we turned to the variety of games available at The Wise.  Not unlike a number of spots we’ve encountered, we found a few board games to choose from, but, given the old-school nature of this place, we decided to stick to the classics, starting with darts (a short lived endeavor, cause lets face it, we all suck at darts) and then setting on foosball.  The table was way at the back and a few epic games went down, after which I was glad this was the type of place that was loud enough to drown out our exaggerated cries of glory and defeat (you know how foosball can get).  

         The only disappointment about the foosball was that there was a jukebox in the corner right next to us, but it was unplugged and out of order.  In fact probably the only disappointment at all was the music, which I found a bit heavy and hard for a fairly chillin pub where everyone is there drinking and talking, but hey, to each their own (and it did help drown out our foosball shrieks).  Overall, even with the music and the somewhat musty nature of an old-school establishment like this, I would definitely put The Wise Lounge up there with some of the most interesting spots I’ve come across in my travels.  The atmosphere was peaceable and there was a lot to see and do, and, more importantly for our purposes, some of the specials throughout the week are awesome (check out $3.25 cans of PBR and Cariboo Wednesdays and Thursdays). 

         Another night, another cool spot, and more great VanCity Drink Specials. Who knows where our research will take us next?

         Until next time,

              Wes the Waiter


    President and Co-founder at VCDS, Wes is passionate about the Vancouver scene and committed to "researching" all of the best specials and coolest spots in the city.